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This classy, clean look, needs the right head.

Updated: May 9, 2020

I surmise, as with many things in life, to truly engage your craft you must start with the right structure. This may be true of your custom house, your craft beer, or even the perfect hairstyle. If you have the correct structure you can build on it. Below you see a picture of women with a simple clean look. This model may have long flowing hair or weekend Updos that change her look to the contrary, but from the front, this style does her justice. This aside look at the shape and flow of the hair, it moves in concert with the round like structure of her head. If the chin is to square she will give the boyish look and I would then propose a fuller style. Find your style and update it frequently for a clean fresh look. I can help you look your best. Call 661-864-9446, or see me at 5549 Calloway Drive for your next appointment.

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