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Weddings, Formals, Prom, Homecomings, Quinceanera

Updated: May 9, 2020

Yes, Wedding season is upon us. Formals are in the air. Proms, Homecomings and Quinceaneras are not far behind. Although this is all true for the sake of a shortened blog I will focus on the upcoming wedding season. Many young brides fresh from the holidays, have a new friend and a new story, "we are engaged!" Now its time to plan for the big day. When's the wedding? What do I wear? Is my look okay? I can tell you from personal and professional experience, this is a stressful time! It is my hope to help alleviate this stress. I've done thousands of Updo's/Wedding styles for all kinds of people making their weddings world class, their Formals, Proms, Homecomings and Quinceanera are second to none. I can help with styling cues to bring your natural beauty out. With this in mind, these three steps are important to know before you arrive to Frida Salon for your appointment. 1. Have your hair washed and completely dried the night before the style (in most cases, always consult your stylist), if this is not done correctly your risking an early evening flop or worse, extra drying charges. 2. Wear a button down shirt so not to disturb the style while you get into your formal clothing. 3. Don't forget to bring any adornments you wish to wear, these can be incorporated into the style. Call 661-864-9446, or see me at 5549 Calloway Drive for your next appointment.

This beautiful bride to the left is from Ukraine. The beautiful girl below is from Bakersfield, California, USA.

Quinceanera? Formal? Prom Style for the princess. Bring me a picture, in most cases it can be done. Call me Frida at 661-864-9446

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