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         Reserve must be paid to book date;   Confirmation of date is necessary (Frida 661-864-9446).

Trials should be done 1 - 2 weeks prior to the wedding. It's important what we do be fresh in the minds of both of us. Please bring headpieces. Wear a button-up shirt, and pictures of the wedding dress.



                                                                 Bride Style & Trial - 300

                                                          Bride Style (no trial) - 175 - 250

                                                                    Trial Style - 175 - 250 

                                                                         Consult is free

                                                           Bridesmaids & Moms - 130 - 175

                                              (Package) - Bride plus four others+ is 10% off

                                Extensions applied at 45 - 65 per extension (bring with you)

                                                         Children below 7 years - 50 - 70.00

                                           I will travel to destination for three people or more!

              Fee calculated from Salon to destination and back at 1.45/mile (outside Bakersfield)

                                Distance of  90+ miles requires a 250.00/lodging fee paid up front

                                                                     Booking requires

                          Bride - Non-refundable reserve of 200.00 (credited to your account)

                                   Deposit will not be refunded within 2 months of wedding

                                                      Guests - require 50.00 reserve each

                                                   Guarantee your day reserve now                                      

                                                                           Wedding day & NIGHT BEFORE


  1. Hair is to be washed and completely dried to the roots the night before, there should be zero moisture upon arrival to the salon or service area.

  2. Wear a button-down shirt, so you do not disturb your style when changing clothes.

  3. Don't forget to bring any adornments you wish to wear in your hair, including veil or tiara


                                                     Frida Salon Important!


  • Enforces the below policy out of respect for our professional stylists and our Salon guests.

  • Reserves the right to refuse service to clients whom at the judgment of stylists have hair conditions untreatable by the stylist at the time.

  • Hair to be styled must be clean and dry. Excessively dirty hair will not be styled and considered a no-show appointment (this excludes short hair shampoo/styles)

  • Full-service prices will be charged for appointments that are canceled within 14 days prior to the scheduled wedding date or for no-show appointments.

  • To hold the date you must pre-pay a reserve. This will be credited to your wedding/event.

  • 10% gratuity is considered standard wedding etiquette for wedding stylists.

  • Ultimately the bride will be responsible for relaying the above policies and paying unpaid charges.

  • Submitting this form will confirm the reading and agreement with this wedding contract.

  • Frida will not leave the salon for less than three people party unless prior arrangements have been made.

Text/Call @ 661 -864-9446

   May your lives be filled with precious moments!
     My Promise  - I've studied, & competed with the best. I endeavor to make your day world-class!

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Proudly created by Ray Hanoski

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