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Frida Updo, Wedding and Evening Style Classes
Frida Beauty Salon Bakersfield

Frida Updo, Wedding and Evening Style Classes



 Salon "Frida" invites hairdressers to undergo training to improve their skills, this intensive one on one course will improve the skill you have, and add to your styling edge.

   Who will be interested in our courses? 

  • Students - Impress your Master with new found skills

  • New graduates - Invest in your future

  • Master with work experience - Gain an edge over your competitor

  • Masters -  Who for one reason or another have not practiced for a while (once studied but forgotten)

  • Masters -  Needing to understand the intricacies of their work

  • Masters -  Who want to understand the importance of success through the refinement of our profession

  • Salons -  Refresher courses available for salon owners who understand the importance of increasing the skill of their Masters. Create Contact at c/o Admin Ray Hanoski

   Welcome to this fun, low-pressure learning environment at the location of Frida's Beauty Salon. Masters and novice craftsmen alike - create and learn! Don't pass this opportunity to examine in more detail the questions you are interested in. Frida instructs your hand, learn with the full attention of the Maestro to you. 

   Farida (Frida) hails from Kharkiv, Ukraine (The City of Designers). The City of Design loses "Frida School" (School for beginners & Masters 5+ years) to constant societal upheaval/war. Frida decides to pursue her dreams of freedom, liberty and a better life in the USA.

   Frida's resume includes single hour, to month long+ theoretical and practical courses with the likes of world champion "Georgy Kot", "Shafaq Novruz", "Denis Osipov", "Vladamir Tarasyuk", "Elena Voynova" and the Sassoon Academy. Theory and practical 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2016, then to the USA. Frida also spent her years practicing her art at Frida Salon, Ukraine. This combined set of skills and Frida's unwavering dedication to quality gained Frida the confidence to compete at the highest of levels.

   Persistence paid off Nationally in 2009 with a 2nd place "Women's Style Short"

   Internationally Titled in 2012 with a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. "International Beauty Festival", "Women's Style Long", "Bridal Style" Frida has consulted, competed and worked with some of the best Cosmetologists in the world. This combined with her salon work, and constant drive to improve leaves Frida untouched by all but the very best in the industry. Frida brings your attention to the newest European trends. Participants will plunge into a fantastic atmosphere of creativity, beauty, and perfection. With passion, you will learn from Frida the latest European trends for Evening and Bridal Hairstyles. The trends include flowing styles, bold lines, large voluminous waves, and smooth forms. You will feel Frida's passion in all the styles she shows. You will leave swimming in the knowledge gained from years of high-level experience, ready to tackle the latest styles.

   Current course available: Curriculum combined

   "Refresher courses available" - Includes all below, designed to teach your hands. You will receive the maximum useful theoretical and practical information available. Our venue designed small and specific to allow free flow of information and ideas, improving the overall execution of the complex hairstyle. Having passed this course of intensive practical lessons you will receive an elegant diploma documenting your proven skillset. Of course, you will also receive invaluable experience and confidence to apply to your everyday practice.

       Theory - Consists of you familiarizing yourself with the basics of hair preparation, shape, and geometry. This includes basic elements, twists and turns, the weaving of different kinds, braids, harnesses and their varieties (bouquets, knots, etc.). Modern techniques of evening and wedding hairstyles.

     "Simple Styles & Braids, Updos"; 1st day

      Simple Styles & Braids "First Sunday or Monday" - Meet and greet at 09:45 am, class begins at 10; 00 am, ends at 4:30 pm, with lunch from 12:30 to 1:00 pm. Class begins with simple demonstrations of braiding and continues with simple and quick Updos. Return practical demonstration of two styles (class choice). Class size limited to space available. 

      "Complex Styles, Updos"; 2nd day

      Complex Styles "Second Sunday or Monday" - Beginning of class at 10:00, ending at 4:30 pm. This class will be a demonstration of two or three complex works, and a return practical of two or more styles shown. Lunch will be from 12:30 to 1 pm.

      "Complex Styles, Updos"; 3rd day

      Complex Styles "Third Sunday or Monday" - Jumping in with return demonstrations from the prior day we test the theories learned. Demonstrations of one style (class choice) - Class will begin promptly at 10:00 and end at 4:30 pm with lunch from 12:30 to 1 pm.

      "Wedding, Evening and Updo Styles"; 4th day 

      Complex Styles "Fourth Sunday or Monday" - Jumping in with return demonstrations from the prior day we again test the theories learned. Demonstrations of several styles (class choice) - Class will begin promptly at 10:00 and end at 4:30 pm with lunch from 12:30 to 1 pm. Recognition of a successful course with diplomas given.

      "Techniques to cutting hair"; 4 days

      Techniques to cutting hair "First Sunday or Monday of each month" - Class begins at 10:00 and ends at 4:30 pm., with lunch from 12:30 to 1:00 pm. The class begins with cutting the male head, then cutting the female head. On these days you will work out many complex elements, teach clients how to choose a haircut by the type/shape of the head, learning to listen to your client. We will learn the importance of - 

  • Uniform shape: (Short)

  • Graded shape: (Graduated Bob)

  • Uniform haircut: (Short and Medium length)

  • Progressive form: (Center, Control strand, Diagonal separation)

  • Massive shape: (Classic Bob)

   Frida's programs are interesting and proven, they involve intensive practical training while keeping on course the fun way. Frida assists you with working out the difficult for you elements to styling, using support and her vast knowledge base. Frida improves your theoretical knowledge and answers questions that are important to you.


   Groups - No more than 5 people for in-salon training although Frida frequently puts on shows for twenty or more people, (this can also be arranged). These small groups allow maximum attention to each student and to supervise the technique of execution. 

   What to bring - Your tools should include flat iron, crimper, curling irons, hairdryer, aluminum clamps can be purchased from Frida. We provide tripods and mannequins (you may also bring your mannequin if it's long hair blonde).

   See you "In Class"



Classes are 2 days at 8 hours each day or 3 days at 6 hours each day

Groups limited to 5 per class

Masters - 1375.00

Two or more Masters - 1275.00 each

Individual instruction is available at 500.00 per 6 hour day (Covid reduced to 325.00 per 6 hr day)



            All classes require a non-refundable 200.00 hold my seat fee (credited to course).

                          All courses must be paid in full before the start of your first-class.

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Frida Updo, Wedding and Evening Style Classes
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Frida Updo, Wedding and Evening Style Classes

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